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Patricia Lotufo D.C.

  Dr. Lotufo has been serving patients in the La Jolla area since graduating cum laude from the Southern California University of Health Sciences in 2004. Her biological science background with emphasis on human metabolism in combination with her mature chiropractic skills, results in a holistic and effective therapeutic approach to address the root cause of a wide range of symptoms.
  Dr. Lotufo has focused her career on resolving pain, preventing injury, and improving wellness and health in a sensitive and compassionate manner. Dr. Lotufo continues advancing her professional expertise in pediatric, pregnancy, nutritional and craniosacral therapy, neuroemotional technique (NET), as well as in sports injury and spinal rehabilitation. She travels all over the country, attending workshops and seminars on a variety of cutting-edge health programs.   
  Dr. Lotufo has a true understanding of the main underlying causes of disease: mental, physical, biological and chemical stressors that lead to organic imbalance. She deals with these imbalances through a therapeutic approach of spinal health, nutrition, and stress-reducing strategies, the holistic formula to achieve high level wellness.