Sports Chiropractic

Dr. Lotufo is a skilled sports chiropractor who provides efficient and effective chiropractic care that helps athletes get back at it quickly, or excel at their sport.

Peak Condition
Peak Performance

You work hard so you can give your best. Keeping your body in peak condition impacts peak performance.

Whether you’re addressing an injury or want to take it to the next level, sports chiropractic is with you every step, jump, throw, lift, stroke and kick along the way.

Chiropractic Care Benefits

Sports Chiropractic Benefits


Use the full range of motion

Ensure proper joint mobility so you can perform better.

Get back out there

Efficient and effective treatment for any sports-related injury.

Excel as an athlete

Optimize your body functions to take you to the next level.

Get back in the game, quickly

Sports chiropractic works to prevent and treat the injuries you face every day as a passionate or professional athlete. Our goal is to keep your body in balance so you can optimize your performance, or treat an injury.

We understand you want to get back to your sport as quickly as possible, and that’s what we want, too. We work efficiently and effectively to get you in, out and back at it.

A strong muscle is only as good as it is flexible

We believe that a strong muscle is only as good as it is flexible. When you have proper joint mobility, you can decrease muscle adhesions (knots), help prevent injury and get the full range of motion you need.

Plus, athletes face a lot of repetitive motion strain. Take the tennis player with tennis elbow, the runner with hamstring strains and the weight lifter with bicep tendonitis. Every athletic activity impacts the body and has the potential for injury–even yoga.

We work with a variety of techniques tailored specifically to the athlete and use more than just our chiropractic adjustments to keep you at the top of your game.

Beyond the bones and muscles

What sets an athlete apart? It’s not just the ability to prevent injury, but to also optimize body functions. There are five factors of structural health: balance, coordination, flexibility, joint range of motion and strength.

So a whole-body approach to training also includes:

Functional neurology: Brain function is just as important as joint mobility. That’s because the brain controls the nerves, and nerves move muscles, muscles move bones. Functional neurology optimizes the brain and nervous system so that you can excel at a sport. Use this in conjunction with hyperbaric oxygen therapy to aid in the recovery of concussions, acute and chronic injuries or quick recovery from intense training days.

Customized nutrition: Every athlete will have specific demands for nutrition during training and performance. Knowing what your individual body needs can enhance all areas of your athletic life–a better metabolism, less inflammation, more endurance and faster recovery.

What can I expect at Linea Chiropractic

Linea Chiropractic offers an inviting space that feels like family. Dr. Patricia Lotufo heads our practice and performs all chiropractic care with expertise, compassion and sensitivity.

Our focus is on helping you achieve peak performance in your sport. We have extensive experience treating athletes of all types across all sports. This gives us a deep understanding of how to optimize body functionality whether you’re a runner, yogi, football player or anything else.

Here’s what you can expect when you work with Linea Chiropractic:

  • A complete intake evaluation with health history and physical.
  • A customized treatment program with a start and finish.
  • A goal to treat injuries efficiently and effectively, so you can get back at it ASAP.
  • A whole-body approach to sports performance, with access to all the services we offer.
  • A variety of techniques tailored to your sport or injury.
  • Thorough appointments that never feel rushed.
  • Regular testing to ensure treatments are making the desired changes.

Ready to start transforming your health?